My Services

I have grown my clients using the following techniques

  1. WordPress Theme and Plugin Development
  2. WordPress Customization
  3. WordPress website, theme and plugin update
  4. WordPress Theme and Plugin – QA Master
  5. WordPress Website – Functionality Enhancements, User Friendly Options Panel, Dummy Install setup, Theme Installation Services, SEO Test, etc.

Not sure where to start?

Don’t worry. We’ll analyze your business challenges and recommend whichever techniques will have the greatest, quickest impact.

Here’s how we can grow your profits:

  • I can become your “conversion manager,” working alongside your team. This way, I don’t just grow your business, I develop your in-house capability by training your staff “on the job.”
  • Alternatively, I can do all the work for you—even hosting the pages on our proprietary testing platform.
  • Or we can do anything in between.

If you’re an agency, we can make your clients happier, more profitable and able to spend more on traffic—as we have already done for many other agencies.

I appreciate how hard it can be to buy conversion services, so here’s how I’ve made it easy and risk free

1. You contact us, letting us know what you need.

2. I will analyze your site to identify whether I am a good fit for each other. I do this because whenever I take on a new client, I take on all the financial risk. By the six-week mark, you must be confident that I am on track to get you amazing results (if I haven’t done so already), or I will give you a full, prompt refund of 100% of the fees you have paid me—no questions, no conditions, no small print.

3. If we feel that we’re a good fit, we’ll discuss how we’ll grow your business.

Why wait? Contact us now.