This is Alkesh Miyani from Surat, India.

I completed my graduation (B.E. – I.T.) in 2012 from Hasmukh Goswami College of Engg., Ahmadabad.

I joined templatic.com as an Quality Assurance and that was my first career job. I learnt so many things in that timeline as how to improve quality of products,  how we can provide better user experience with any web solutions. With this my 1.5 year career life I become an QA Master and those skills still improving me in development day by day.

Then decided to upgrade my knowledge with Website Development and started to  develop new solutions in WordPress. “Pizzalicour” was my first developed theme, that was created for my company and client. After that, I increased my skill with every jobs in WordPress, Codeigniter, CakePHP, SEO and Social Media Marketing.

Social Dashboard was my first application in Codeigniter and for that solutions, I am still proud of that development. That includes TinyMCE plugin developments, social media login and data integration.

I changed many companies and got experience with different-different environments as how to work with client based and how to work with product based company. And those my experiences give me better opportunity every time in job as well as in freelance career.

I am accepting difficult challenges and that’s why I became a Product Manager in Solwin Infotech after completion of my first 6 months journey. Currently, me and my team are launching WordPress themes and plugins from last 2 years and those are still ever green every time (Out of the box concepts). Guide to team, provide better user experience with solutions/products, motivate people to create new things are my passions now.

One of my best project in my life is Blog Designer PRO plugin. I am working on that WordPress plugin since last 1 year, contributed so much with this project. And today, it became a top most solution for each and every WordPress project with sales count 1700+.

You can find more about me with my social profile links. Many thanks for your valuable time to read about me.


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